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2022 – 2023 Overall Campaign Total


Created using the Donation Thermometer plugin$300,000Raised $205,686 towards the $300,000 target.$205,686Raised $205,686 towards the $300,000 target.69%

2020-2021 Campaign

Here are just a few examples of where your United Way donation is going, and the impact you are making on your community.

Last year:

  • Over 2,200 high school students and their parents from the 4 high schools had access to career help through the Coshocton C.A.R.E.S program
  • Emergency food and shelter was provided for local families victimized by domestic violence
  • Over 1,000 children recieved a free book every month through the Dolly Parton Imagination Library program
  • Handicapped individuals were provided with equipment to help improve their mobility issues
  • Families were provided boxes of food to feed their families through local food banks
  • Children received immunizations they needed for attending school
  • Boys and Girls were given leadership skills and camping opportunities
  • Students were given help with homework so that they would not fall behind in school
  • Rec programs provided children with team building skills and healthy activity

2022-2023 Campaign Sponsor

Our Community Partners

If your child is under the age of 5 and lives in Coshocton County, fill out the form to register him/her to receive free books by mail every month.

This program is funded entirely through donations, so if you would like to sponsor a child ($25/year/child), please signup to be a sponsor today.

Latest NEWS

The United Way of Coshocton is pleased to announce the addition of Tisha Babcock and Kayla Cowden to the Board of Directors beginning December 2022. Tisha Babcock will be the Facility Administrator for the Genesis Coshocton Medical Center.  She has been employed by Genesis for 25 years and is an RN with Master’s in Nursing.  […]
On Saturday May 14th, the United Way of Coshocton held the 2nd annual 0.5K Race for United Way. About 100 people showed up to walk the grueling race and support local non-profit programs. The race kicked off at 11am on Main Street between 4th and 5th Streets. The race started at the alley by Juvenile […]
The inaugural .5k race was held Saturday, August 14th at the Warehouse with over 80 walkers attending! Many brought their fur babies or their human babies to help muster the strength to walk the grueling .5k route along Whitewoman Street. Along the route were several station to incentivize the weak, such as the Kissing Station, […]

About US

* Supporting pro-active programs that teaches children and adults coping skills, resiliency training and how to be a leader.
* Supporting safety net services when necessary.
* Locally governed making what we support what matters most to Coshocton.
* $.99 cents of every dollar donated stays here in Coshocton County.
* One donation reaching over 30 programs.