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Newest Board Members


The Board of Control for the United Way of Coshocton County is very pleased to announce that it has brought on 3 new board members this month.

Tom Heading, Emily Adams and John Larson are all able to serve 2 consecutive three-year terms as a board member of the United Way.


Tom Heading is a Production Support Chemist for Organic Technologies and has worked there for 2 ½  years.  Tom volunteers as a Troup leader for the Boy Scouts of America and has earned his Eagle Scout.  He is also a OHSAA Soccer referee, a graduate of the Tree Commission Academy, works with the Financial Peace University, is a member of the Presbyterian Church and is a Euphonium player.  Tom enjoys reading, cooking, camping and hiking and computers.  He and his wife Caroline have 2 children, Jacob, 14 and Sarah, 12.


John Larson is the owner of Warehouse Steak and Stein as well as Oscar Rose restaurants.  For 31 years, John was in Education as a teacher, principal and superintendent.  He was a consultant for the Ohio Department of Education for 6 years as well. 

John has been a volunteer for Christ’s Table in Zanesville where he served not only as a volunteer but a board member and treasurer.  He has also volunteered with the Red Cross.  Before work became his main hobby, he enjoyed running, skiing and racquetball.  John has one son, one daughter and 4 wonderful grandchildren.


Emily Adams is the director of the Ohio State Extension Office since May of 2012.  Emily and her husband Ryan own Adams Family concessions and enjoy attending festivals.  They have 2 children, Nathan age 6 and Julia age 4.  They attend Keene United Methodist church where Emily enjoys being a table parent with the God’s Kids program.


The board of the United Way of Coshocton county is thrilled to welcome its newest board members.



Board of Control

Lyn Mizer

Executive Director

Patty Wherley

Executive Assistant



Lynn Jacobs

725 Pine Street
Coshocton, OH  43812


Diane Erwin (2012-1)

Erwin Family Eye Care
535 Chestnut St.
Coshocton, OH  43812


Robert Mauch (20116-1)

305 Main Street
Coshocton, OH  43812




Executive Committee Members:

Winnie Ellis (2012-1)

RockTenn Corp.
500 N. 4th Street
Coshocton, OH  43812

Fax:  623-3885

Joy Padgett (2014-1)

Governor's Office of Appalachia




Patty Paul (2013-1)

Home Loan Savings Bank
413 Main Street
Coshocton, OH  43812


Tina Stoffer (2015-1)

1632 Knob Hill Drive
Coshocton, OH  43812





Board of Control Members:

Doug Speicher (2012-1)

Edward Jones Investments
45 Downtowner Plaza
Coshocton, OH  43812


Jennie Thompson (2015-2)

Century National Bank
100 Downtowner Plaza
Coshocton, Ohio 43812


John Larson (2017-1)

Old Warehouse
400 North Whitewoman Street
Coshocton, OH  43812


Emily Adams (2017-1)

OSU Extension
724 South Seventh Street
Coshocton, OH  43812


Tom Heading (2017-1)

Organic Technologies
1350 South Sixth Street
Coshocton, OH  43812


Tim Rohr

AK Steel
17400 SR 16
Coshocton, OH  43812


 Kevin Ratcliffe (2014-1)

Clow Water Systems
2266 South Sixth Street
Coshocton, OH  43812


Kyle Ridenbaugh (2014-1)

Kraft Foods
1660 South Second St.
Coshocton, OH  43812


 Rev. Murray McMillan (2016-1)

1776 Walnut Street
Coschocton, OH  43812


Ben Hall (2016-1)

Leech, Scherbel, Peddicord, Given
240 South Fourth Street
Coshocton, OH  43812



Student Rep:

Daneylize Rodriquez

Ridgewood School



Our Annual Munch and Mingle with the Agencies:

United Way Board Members are the BEST!

Board member, John Larson, owner of the Warehouse Steak and Stein recently helped to construct the world's largest BLT sandwich in conjunction with the first annual Appalachian Bacon Nation Festival.  All proceeds from the sale of the SANDWICH were contributed to the United Way.  Thanks John!

Board member get inspiration at the Board Retreat!

Doug Speicher should not be left out of our board picture!

Civil Servants in our Staff and Board

Our Fearless Leader recently had the distinct pleasure of visiting United Way Worldwide.  It is an organization filled with competent, professional and very approachable and real people all united by their desire to be a servant!


Board members Diane Erwin and Tina Stoffer are ready for the fair!

Winnie Ellis and Tom Heading at the recent board retreat.



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