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United Way Board Members are the BEST!

Introducing our Newest Board Members


We are very proud to add a new member to our board of Control


Winnie Ellis just began her second term on the board so this will be her 7th year to serve.  Winnie is retired after 10 ears with WestRock.  While there, Winnie was instrumental in running heir United Way campaign and during those years, WestRock consistently won Top Giver award.

Winnie is active with her church having served on the Parish council at Sacred Heart an dis a member of Catholic Women's Club.  Winnie is married to John Ellis and she has 2 grown children.  A consummate volunteer, Winnie states "I have always said that you would be hard-pressed to find someone who is not touched by Untied Way in some way at some time in their life.  The picture of Coshocton has changed over the years, but the giving and the supportive heart of Coshocton is always here, within us."




Miracle on Main Street


Miracle on Main board volunteers, John Larson, Bob Mauch, Tom Heading and Marialice Mauch.  Great night!